Solea Laser – A Versatile, All-Tissue Dental Laser Technology

Patients seek minimally invasive dental procedures today because they want to return to normal life quickly after dental treatment. Laser technology takes dental treatments to another level, improving patient experience in the dentist chair and minimizing complications and healing time after treatment. At the dental clinic of Regina Y Powe, DDS, we have a Solea laser that allows us to offer superior care and a comfortable patient experience.

Benefits of the Solea Laser

A majority of dental clinics utilize soft tissue laser systems. Still, Solea laser introduces numerous customizable settings to allow a dentist to address concerns that affect both the soft and the hard tissue, including teeth and gums. Our dental technology in Frisco, TX, is greatly boosted by introducing Solea into our series of state-of-the-art technologies.

We focus on giving our patients comprehensive, personalized, safe, effective, and gentle care. Equipment like Solea adds more efficiency and safety to dental care.

Solea laser technology allows a more comfortable experience. It’s a technology aimed at working on hard tissues without necessarily needing invasive tools like drills, which can increase patient anxiety levels and dental phobia.

There is minimal bleeding during and after treatment; therefore, Solea laser dentistry is considered safer and much more comfortable than suture and scalpel procedures. Since the laser provides cauterized soft and hard tissue treatment, our patients have a diminished risk of getting an infection or needing retreatment.

Solea is a game-changer for patients needing dental fillings in Frisco, TX. These patients can get their tooth fillings without needing a drill or needle. The technology enables almost every cavity preparation to be done without using anesthesia. Therefore, a dentist will not need a needle to deliver a numbing agent or sedative to your body.

In the end, you have minimal post-op discomfort and rapid healing. Talk to us to see what treatments and procedures we utilize Solea laser and how you can benefit from this life-changing dental technology.

Use of the Solea Laser

Our dentist near you can work on soft tissues such as crown lengthening, removal of tissue lesions, gum reshaping, and lip or tongue tie therapy. Additionally, the dentist can utilize Solea laser to perform treatments involving hard tissues, such as prepping teeth for restorative procedures or cosmetic dentistry and removing excess enamel to help spruce the smile’s aesthetic appearance.

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