Root Canal Therapy in Frisco, TX

Are you experiencing severe tooth discomfort? At Centre for Diagnostic & Cosmetic Dentistry, we provide root canal therapy in Frisco, Texas, to help heal your tooth and remove damaged or infected root tissue. Give our dental office a call at 972-964-5928 to learn more about root canal therapy and schedule an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Regina Powe.

Root canal therapy is an endodontic treatment that focuses on healing and restoring damaged or infected root pulp. This treatment is usually offered for patients who have severe toothaches caused by inflamed tissue. Infected root pulp is typically the result of dental decay that reaches past the outer protective layers of the tooth and causes the pulp to become irritated or destroyed by harmful bacteria.

The aim of root canal therapy is to save the life of the tooth. If the infection is allowed to go untreated, the root pulp, also known as the “nerves” of the tooth, may die and require the tooth to be extracted. This can cause other unnecessary dental issues, such as the surrounding teeth misaligning.

The root canal itself is a simple procedure. After ensuring that the tooth remains dry during treatment, our dentist will remove infected tissues from the tooth and then apply medication to prevent further damage and encourage healing. The tooth will then be capped and sealed with a dental crown to preserve the integrity of the tooth for a comfortable and functional fit.

Our dentist and team offer sedation options to help ensure your root canal experience is a positive one. To learn more about root canal therapy, we invite you to give us a call today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Root Canal Therapy in Frisco, TX

You may receive root canal treatment when an infection, trauma, or decay damages the pulp. The interior section of a tooth, called the pulp, makes a tooth’s living tissue. You find live tissue like nerve endings, blood vessels, and connective tissue here. Any injury or infection to this part can contribute to debilitating pain. You can visit Dr. Regina Powe for advanced, comprehensive restorative care in Frisco, TX.

How is Root Canal Therapy Done?

A dentist makes an incision to reach the tooth’s interior, where the diseased or damaged pulp is housed. The pulp is removed, and the area is carefully and gently cleaned to eradicate all dead tissue, bacteria, and other elements. After that, the space is reshaped, allowing for filling and sealing.

Sealing the tooth prevents the re-entry of bacteria. Once we seal the area, you may return for dental crowns in Frisco, TX, if needed. Sometimes, root canals may not be possible. A dentist may consider extracting the diseased tooth. It can help protect the jaw and other teeth or even the gums.

Tooth Extractions

We perform simple and complex surgical extractions depending on how the tooth is positioned or how it is growing. Our dentist will first try saving the tooth using root canal therapy. We resort to extraction only after it is found that root canals cannot work.

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