pediatric dentistry in Frisco, TX

As a family dental practice, we see patients of all ages and are excited to help your child learn to love their smile through our exciting and intuitive treatments for pediatric dentistry in Frisco, Texas. We delight in spending time educating your child to help our future adults enjoy learning how to care for their teeth by making that process interactive and fun. Every child leaves our office with a home care goodie bag and a Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream coupon for a scoop of the absolute best ice cream ever! We invite you to call Centre for Diagnostic & Cosmetic Dentistry at 972-964-5928 to see what treatments we offer for your child and to schedule an appointment with our personable dentist, Dr. Regina Powe.

Pediatric dentistry is dental care specifically catering to children. The environment of your child’s mouth is constantly changing as they grow, which means they need more focused care. Our team works together to create an atmosphere where your child can feel safe and comfortable. We approach treatments at your child’s pace and try to make every dental experience a positive one. By engaging with your child, we aim to build a trusting relationship as we help encourage good dental habits and guide their oral development as they grow. Our gentle and caring methods allow us to provide your child with regular dental exams and dental cleanings, which help us monitor their oral health for any dental issues, such as dental decay, or make recommendations for orthodontic treatment.

Depending on their needs, we may also suggest these preventive treatments:

  • Fluoride Treatment to help keep their teeth strong with vital minerals for their tooth enamel.
  • Dental Sealants, which provide additional protection on the chewing surfaces of the teeth that helps prevent cavities.
  • Frenectomy for tongue-tied patients, allowing more maneuverability in the mouth for easier chewing and speaking.

Whatever the need, our dentist and team are happy to help your child as they begin their dental journey.

We invite you to learn more about our pediatric dental services and visit our dental office. We are excited to hear from you and assist your family in achieving optimal oral health.