Dental Cleanings & Exams in Frisco, TX

We can’t underestimate the importance of having healthy, beautiful, functional, and strong teeth and gums. As such, we embrace regular dental cleaning in Frisco, TX. We understand that the mouth is a crucial body component that acts as a gateway for entering the rest of the organs and tissues. Oral health greatly influences the body’s general health.

Meet Regina Y Powe, DDS, a recognized dentist in Frisco, TX, to begin your journey to keeping strong, healthy, functional, and beautiful teeth and gums. Our dental clinic near you conducts routine cleanings or prophylaxis and oral exams. These provide a first line of defense, helping spot oral issues that could otherwise remain masked or hidden and continue jeopardizing your oral and overall health.

Teeth Cleaning Near You

Even with routine at-home dental hygiene, you must seek professional teeth cleaning at the dentist’s office. You can unlikely catch and remove all the biofilm and hardened tartar from the mouth. Tartar forms on teeth as you eat and age and forms above and below the gum line. If it occurs below the gum line, we may perform a procedure like scaling and planing. Tartar is difficult to remove; the only way to eliminate it is to seek professional deep cleaning at a dentist’s office.

It’s prudent to seek teeth cleaning near you to have your mouth and gums cleaned properly and elements like plaque, calcium deposits, tartar, food leftovers, and bacteria removed. This way, you combat decay, gum disease, and cavities.

High-Quality Dental Exams in Frisco, TX

Getting dental exams is crucial for everyone. Many dental issues arise silently in the mouth, and by the time you notice them, huge damage has been done. Gum disease, for instance, starts as gingivitis or inflamed gums that may not even be present with pain. Left unchecked, it quickly evolves to become periodontitis. Seeking dental exams and cleanings helps catch issues creeping into the mouth silently.

We do X-rays to check the hard-to-access areas and see what is happening. X-rays can show decay between teeth, infection of the pulp tissue, gum or tooth abscess, or even an impacted tooth. Our dental exams also involve checking for mouth cancer signs. Our dentist looks at abnormal lesions that might signal oral cancer. Additionally, we check the chewing surfaces of teeth for enamel erosion or signs of clenching and enamel grinding.

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